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Compact Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder after ISO 13918 (DIN 32500.)


Working Area.

The maximum flexibility in use, are assured bu an Inverter charging thru a Microprocessor, witch guaranties a fast and exact charging. The welding voltage can be adjusted by a potiontiometer. The applicanes adjust themsels to supply voltages of 110V to 220 VAC. LED's shows unit ready for welding stud have contact with the steel and fauliure in the unit. Weight only 9.3 kg. Welding stud on mild steel , stainless, aluminium, cobber and brass.


Welding pistol:

A small handy Welding pistol is delivered as a contact pistol, with pipe or three legs for accurate positionering. Extra: Gab pistol with pipe or three legs and adaptor for welding corners. Application for welding cuppered head weld pin Note:



TS306 are without any change ready for both systems. The digital voltmeter indicate your working voltage, fast charging, invertertechnics are change automatically between gab or contact pistol, the TS306 machine is getting al Air ventilation thru a medical filter. With the Microprocessor control charging systems is TS306 ready to work under big change in Power supply voltage.  


Technical Data
 Nominal Capacitance  Capacitor , 44.000 uF
 Application  Contact pistol, (gab pistol can deliv.)
 Welding time  3 mS.
 Weld Range  M3 to M8.
 Materials  Steel, stainless-steel,aluminium,cobber,brass
 Weld Rate

 min. 13 studs/minute

(dependent on input viltage and stud diameter)

 Mains Input Voltage  110-240 V AC
 Mains Frequency  50-100 Hz
 Input Power  600VA
 Dimension (mm)

 H: 220

 W: 190

 L: 430

 Weight  9,3 kg.
 Produkt number  600558





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